Sunday, August 16, 2009

Max vs. Buffalo (Adventure through Black Hills)

Max and I explored the East side of Wyoming and the West side of South Dakota the past few days. I didn't get to see Devil's tower last year so I decided to take a look. YAWN... I mean, it's cool looking and all but takes a hike to get there. If you have time, by all means! :)

The day prior, we left Yellowstone and headed out not knowing where we would land. I looked at the map for a state park and found Keyhole Rec area. Many times, I've found some great places by just leaving it to chance. It was getting late (around 9:30pm) so I decided to drive there and find a spot. Well, I was the only person there. Me and a few kids high on something. I was a bit nervous but was proud that I could assemble my tent in the dark. There is always a bright side! This campsite was beatutiful. We overlooked a lake and watched a lightning storm over the water. The wind picked up in the middle of the night so the sleeping wasn't all there. The sunrise at 6am sure was beautiful.

Off we went to devil's tower and into South Dakota. We toured through custer, the wind caves and off into the Black Hills. The drive was beautiful. Lucky for us, we came across a herd of buffalo along the way. Max slept through most of it until I rolled down the window and he heard clicking of heels on the pavement and deep grunts. The look on his face was priceless. Waking up surrounded by buffalo was not what he expected. Of course he barked the entire time after that.

Once we left the park, a much needed stop at Motel 6 was in order. Let me just say that washing a dog in a shower is tricky business. Get ready to be scratched. At least he is shiny and clean now. :)

Here are pictures from the day:

Off on the road again...


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