Monday, March 30, 2009


I would consider myself pretty athletic...for the most part. I grew up playing sports and was always running around doing things as a kid. I guess I was a tomboy...still am. I was a swimmer, synchronized swimmer, fencer, diver and basketball player. I tend to pick up on things easy. Usually. Most sports. Most. Golf? Not so much.

I don't understand how people can go out there and hit balls, play the game and say it's relaxing. I wish I had a heart monitor on me to check my rate as I hit every other ball. Yes, every other. I just want to hit the crap out of it! I had to remind myself (actually, Karen had to remind me) to slow down...control the swing. I was lucky enough to have her there to coach me. She likes to remind me that she was junior all state, played for the Michigan State Women's team and too many more credentials to list here. Oh yeah, she was a instructor as well. You would think that would be enough to make me better. Well, maybe a little. It's good that she is patient with me and knows me well enough to leave me alone and not point out the fact that I missed the ball. I was kind enough not to bend the club over my knee in frustration. If you know anything about golf, you can tell right away which swing is good and which is awful.

The good news is that it was a beautiful day. I did hit a few good shots and that is what I will savor. She says that I could get better if I took the time to learn. That would mean I would need patience. I will work on that.

Thanks for a great day Karen. :)


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