Saturday, March 14, 2009


I love campfires.
I grew up camping with my family. Every summer, we would meet the same two families and camp for a week together. I have some fond memories of those days. Like waiting for people to come out of the shower only to throw sand on them and yell "Merry Christmas!" (in the middle of the summer) on a dare. Awwww, so mean I know. Horrible. Well, I think it's funny. However, that's never happened to me on my travels. Maybe it will happen now that I put it out there. Anyway...I love to sit and stare at the fire. I am a self appointed "fire poker." On my trip, some of my favorite moments were sitting and watching a fire. It's always been good therapy for me. When I felt stressed, I would grab my dog and head for the hills to camp. Maybe it's about being in nature. It's the best. So, when I bought my of the selling points was having a fire pit. Now I can enjoy a fire with my friends without planning a camping trip.

In Estes Park enjoying the fire.
Here I am with my fire poke stick.

Us being silly by the fire

With Dan in Cannon Beach

With Jo, Dan and Stu

Stacy and Dave

Mom and Allan at the Grand Canyon

I can stare for hours

Trying to chop up a palate for wood

With Heather and Karen at Doheny Beach

With Jen in Estes Park

Get outside. Go Camping. Stare at a does wonders.


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