Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monique Sullivan

I am inspired by athletes. The woman rider I was referring to in my last blog is Monique Sullivan. I was lucky to be invited to watch her do a time trial at the Velodrome in California.
As a reminder, this was my first time stepping inside this type of arena. She is the reason for my palms to sweat and drive fast on the freeway. Of course there is no way I could be responsible for that so I am blaming her.

Before I met Monique, I read about her adventures on her blog. I would encourage you to do the same.

A little bit about Monique. She is a Canadian Track cyclist currently training full time in Los Angeles, California. In January, she put her engineering degree on hold at the University of Calgary to devote herself full time to her training. In 2005, at 16 yrs old, she had the fastest 500m time trial for both the Junior and Senior women at the National Championships. She has not been beat by a Canadian woman in any sprint event since. This is her 2nd year as an Elite rider and her first opportunity to compete on the World Cup circuit. In October, at her second ever World Cup, she placed 6th in the keirin competition and 11th in the Match Sprints. In January at another World Cup, she placed 9th in the Match Sprints and 12th in the keirin. At only 20, I see even more great things in store for her.

As you will read in her blog, she loves doing many different things from crafts to baking to reading and blogging, creating and sharing and taking on new challenges.

I know first hand that she makes a killer basmati rice pudding...with basil no less!
I might need the recipe for that Monique! On second thought, just let me know when you make it again. :)


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