Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's next?

I'm always wondering what's coming up in life but at the same time, I like to be surprised.

I've been saying yes to things lately that have been the most rewarding, even though there is a level of discomfort to the unknown.

I think I thrive on the unknown.  There is so much to learn when you do things that you are not 100% sure about, although the outcome might not be the best.  Whatever happens, there is a lesson to be learned.

I showed my house to a nice young couple yesterday to rent for the summer and it brought on some feelings of discomfort.  I haven't really planned what I am going to be doing in the months ahead and renting my house is one way to be forced to leave and go somewhere I haven't been before.  It's just that I am not completely sure where that will be.  It will be easy to pack since I haven't really unpacked my car from the last trip.  I kept everything in it just in case I needed to leave on a moments notice.

When I was on the road the past two years, I would wake up and decide where to go next. I love the freedom of being able to pick up and go to places I have never been.  There were times when I made wrong turns and there were some huge lessons learned, but somehow it all seemed to work out in the end.

So, it might be time for a little planning.

I haven't taken "trailie" out on the road for over a year.  It has stayed put in my driveway since Maggie and I came home from our trip in October of 2008.  It still reminds me of her when I'm in it.  I am thinking of dusting it off and taking Max for a ride in it soon.  It's a little different experience with the trailer versus having a tent where I can pick up and go anywhere without anyone noticing.  Trailie gets looks everywhere I go.  Most people want to know what it is and want to look inside.  I have pictures of it on the right side of the blog. It's just 4 feet by 9 feet and pretty light so it's easy to tow.  It's been a while so I have to get used to the fact that something is following me on the road when I look in the rear view mirror.

After traveling in a tent for months, I've learned that I don't really need that much.  Everything I need can fit in the car so the trailer is pure luxury.

Luxury without a shower, bathroom, privacy or warmth.  Who needs that anyway?

There are places that I want to see, that I didn't come across the past two years of being on the road.  I didn't go to Canada, North Dakota or the Salt Flats in Utah.  I also would like to visit the Salton Sea in California.  I am sure there are so many places to explore that people don't know about, including myself.

I feel that I am paying attention more today than ever before.  I hear what people say and what comes into my life.  I am listening.  Listening to how I feel about things as well and going on instinct.  I know for a fact that I feel at peace most when I am in nature.  I also get excited about learning new things and when a photograph captures a moment as I saw it.

Many women light up when they see jewelry.  For me, I get that feeling when I go shopping and look at a really nice tent at REI, or if I try to convince a camera shop to take the Canon EOS 7D out of the box so I can touch it.  No luck.  Sigh...someday...

For now, I will continue snapping away with my pocket Canon Powershot.  It's been good to me so far.


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