Sunday, March 21, 2010

Music On The Street

There are artists everywhere.  As much as I enjoy going to art shows on the street, I also love to listen to solo performers and bands jam outside on corners or busy intersections.
I especially enjoy it when the performer is just hanging out by himself/herself and is there for the music and perhaps some cash if you can spare a buck or two.

Music is life.  Sometimes I get in a rut and listen to the same artist over or the same station on Pandora that usually plays the same songs.  It's refreshing to hear something new that you wouldn't listen to otherwise.  You can change your entire mood by putting something different on in your home.  Try classical or jazz if you like rap (I know I do...I'm a big fan of old school rap), or opera if you usually listen to country. You get the drift. When you're not plugged into your ipod, there is music all around us...especially in the city.

My New York trip was unforgettable.  There is so much energy coming from the streets, it's hard not to feel a buzz flow through your body when you find a quiet space at the end of the day.  For me, it can be a little overwhelming since there is so much stimulation everywhere you look.  In fact, it would take me about 30 minutes to walk 3 blocks with my camera out...snapping away at everything that seems interesting. In the city, everything seems interesting to me. There is something going on in every direction at every moment.

Complete coordinated chaos.

You can find street musicians everywhere.  I've heard them on the streets of Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, New York and Boston...just to name a few on my travels.  I've included some photographs of my favorite performers on this blog.

Get out.  Listen.  You might find something you really enjoy.


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