Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Silver Trailer Lifestyle

What a lifestyle it is to own a silver trailer.  I love my teardrop trailer, "trailie" and I haven't taken her out for about a year and a half so it was about time that I did.  This is Max's first time in "trailie" and I think he is loving it a bit more than the tent.

I decided to join a bunch of women and their airstream trailers for a weekend of camping.  I'm glad they allowed me to stay even though I don't have an airstream, but I have a silver trailer so I am going to say that counts. I toured all of their rigs and I have to sure is nice to be able to stand up inside.  What a luxury!

All of their trailers are so put together and fancy.  I love them all.  I do have a little trailer envy seeing how beautiful they are and one even has a bed that you can walk around.  No's like a condo on wheels.  I very stylish condo, I might add.

It's been a fun weekend meeting new friends, all from different parts of California and Arizona.  All with a common love for all things shiny.  Especially things that are shiny that you can live in and pull with your car.

I dream of owning one of these someday and setting it on some land somewhere with solar panels and live there, in the middle of nowhere.  Ahhh, to dream.  Taking Max out in "trailie" was one of my 39 goals this year so I can check that off.

It can seem a little scary to join a bunch of strangers for the weekend, but that is exactly what I am doing.  I am so glad that I did.  For the past few days, I have been taking a lot of pictures of these beautiful airstreams, click HERE to see more photos.


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