Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Humans In Their Habitat

I love people watching.  There are some great places to people watch like the airport, county fair, festivals, cities and most any place where there is a gathering of humans.  As you know, I was in New York City over the weekend and that could be the top place to sit and watch people living their lives.

Of course, I love to snap pictures of all people doing their thing.  Most of the time, I go unnoticed but on occasion, they spot me taking their photograph.  I wonder what they do and what their life is like.  You can sit there and imagine how people live their lives and a lot of the time, you might be right according to the way they dress or carry themselves.

I love it especially when someone is dressed up...different from the crowd.  The fashion trends vary from state to state and when you get to New York, you have everything mixed together.  I picked up a rental sheet from one of the blocks I wandered on and after seeing the housing costs, I wondered how people can even afford to live there.

When I am home, I like to sit in a coffee shop and watch people come and go.  It's what I am doing right now. I wonder what they are working on, what they do, where they live.  It's all so interesting to me.

Perhaps I've had too much coffee writing this post, but when was the last time you took a moment to sit and observe?  It's a great form of entertainment and best of all, it's FREE!  Here are a few pictures I took of people living their life in their own habitat.  I have more from my travels HERE.  Perhaps you are in one of them.


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