Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting My Feet Wet

I think we all tend to gravitate to things that make us feel good. I love walks on the beach, and I have been doing a lot of that lately. I've also been working to get ready for a little art opening to show some pictures I've taken of Long Beach. It's been quite the learning curve, which I enjoy.

I tend to try and be a perfectionist in what I do. Believe me, it is not always perfect but I try to do the best I can with making it so. I enjoy taking pictures and being outside. This week has been interesting working on the printing and framing aspect of a completed photograph. I love to see the finished product brought to life but there are details sometime you don't think about.

Searching for the perfect frame has been an experience. Then once you try to frame a picture, there is always that little dark dust particle that decides to fly into the frame right when you secure it, only to see it when you turn the frame around to look.

So, getting out and walking around is a huge help. Last night I put on my rain boots and headed out to the beach to watch the sun go down and see the dogs play. The storms left beach "pools" in the sand and since I had my boots on, I decided to walk in the pools..scrunching down and take pictures from there. I think a few people thought I was crazy, but the dogs thought it was a good idea and joined me in the pool.

There are bright blue skies today so I am going to go out and see what I find. You can see more of my puddle shots HERE.


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