Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tips From A Pro

I was fortunate enough to have a professional photographer here in Provincetown print some pictures of mine and give me a few pointers on photography.

Angela Russo was kind enough to offer to help me make the best of my "point and click" photographs. I am so glad she did!

For over 30 years, Angela has been photographing people, places, and product. Her entire adult life has been dedicated to this profession, and now she has entered into another phase of her dreams and her life; showing her personal work.

I would recommend that you take a look at her photographs on her website by clicking here. She has several amazing pictures of Cape Cod. Very inspirational.

She was kind enough to print my sunset picture on stretch canvas paper (see above), which is one of her specialties. I was amazed to see how beautiful it turned out!

Angela, along with a few others are pushing me to start selling some of my prints from this journey. I know that for now, I am enjoying taking pictures and being in nature as Max and I travel. I look forward to the leaves turning and exploring some new places soon.

Thank you Angela!


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