Friday, September 18, 2009

Cape Cod

This will be the longest stop on our trip across the USA. Max and I love it here. We were able to get the last bit of summer weather and now the air is crisp, the sun is out and the nights are cold and quiet. Cape Cod is an amazing place. I always looked at pictures in magazines at the beautiful scenery and knew I would make it out here some day. Sometimes when I look at a photograph from the Cape, I think, "that can't be real." I am here to tell you that the sky is not unlike a beautiful painting. The colors are richer and deeper than anywhere I have ever been.

Perhaps that is why this town if full of artists and photographers. Most of our days are spent touring around the outskirts looking at nature. I wanted to share some of the pictures that I took during our time so far. There are several boats out there that need to be seen as well. I will find them today.


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