Friday, February 13, 2009

You Like It, You Really Like it!

Thank you for your kind words about American Life Today. It's a bonus for me because I am really enjoying it! I read about you when you send in your answers, then I read again each day as they post. I would like to give special kudos to the folks that told their friends about it...

Rachel met me online through another blogger and wrote a little blog on her site about American life today. If you are not a subscriber to her blog, I would recommend it. She's hilarious, interesting, and makes killer hair pins.

When I was on my journey last year, I reconnected with my friend Jim in Northampton for a few days. He let me and Maggs invade his apartment for days of music, bbq, sushi, drinks, touring, music and more music. Everywhere we walked, I heard "hey jim! Over here." If he is not now, he should be given some sort of award for being a town icon. I now have a new appreciation for Sam Phillips and Southern Culture on the Skids. I am looking forward to my return. I encourage you to read his blog.

About a year ago, I became online friends with John. He didn't say much...was a quiet friend. I started to read his blogs. What a treat! Someone who is not afraid to speak their mind? Tells the world that he might have a slight problem with drinking and/or marijuana use? How refreshing. Beyond that, he lives his life as I want to live mine. Doesn't care much about possessions or time. He enjoys the things life brings him. At least, that is what I take away. Here is one of my favorite blogs of his, his recap of 2008.

I started to write about my life a year ago. I opened up to you. I shared my fears, thoughts, hopes, etc. It's was scary...vulnerable. But I did it, nevertheless. Something good became of it. I wrote about my myomectomy and I met a new friend, Dian. She had a friend going through the same thing so I was able to share my story to perhaps ease their mind. It all turned out well. She is writing a book about her life. I would encourage you to read her blog. She also has a blog about coming out stories. If you have one to share, she would love to hear from you.

My new friend, Ernie. What a riot he is. He found me through my love of Elvis Costello and Star Wars figures. He has a great blog with many followers around the world. I have to say that his profile was one of the funniest. Taller? Really?

So, thanks to all of you! I am so grateful that you are spreading the word about American Life Today. I look forward to learning more about you and sharing more stories about the human experience.


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