Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Facts About Me

This pic is me at age 4.

Yes, this 25 list has been going around the internet so I caved in. If you have nothing better to do, here are 25 random facts about my life...

1. I used to be a synchronized swimmer
2. I had stitches between my toes
3. Was an assistant college basketball coach
4. Sold a tennis racket to Chevy Chase
5. I grew up Mormon
6. I’ve never been to Europe
7. My dad died at age 55
8. I’ve been laid off twice
9. I won a coloring contest (no, not last year)
10. I slept as my neighbors house burned down
11. I have the complete Star Wars action figure collection
12. I have all albums from Elvis Costello and see him in concert every year
13. I have guns and am not afraid to use them
14. I have an original signed cabbage patch kid, beau
15. I’ve never broken a bone
16. I don’t have tonsils
17. Sat next to Arnold Schwarzenegger on an airplane
18. I would rather text than talk on a phone
19. I am NOT a morning person
20. I love to be spontaneous…I don’t plan, I do
21. I was a fencer
22. I love to make people laugh
23. I drink coffee every day (cream only)
24. I LOVE the open road and nature
25. I want YOU to answer 5 questions on

Me today...


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