Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saying Yes

Sunday was a good day. I rested. Walked Maggie. Took a long bath. Connected with friends. Easy.

In September, I wrote a blog about saying yes to opportunities. I love it when people say yes. Sometimes it's so much easier to say no. No is safe. There isn't risk involved. There is no opportunity, either.

My friends Dian and Erin said yes to meet me later in the day for an adult beverage and a chat. I am so glad they did. We had a nice talk by the fire in the backyard about life and all of its subjects. The big yes in their life right now is home ownership and all of the delightful things that come out of that.

Congratulations Dian and Erin!

What if you said yes to an invitation or an opportunity instead of no?
What would be different in your life today, if anything? I think it’s amazing what the universe brings you, once you are open to what happens and you release the fear of the unknown by saying yes.

I would challenge you to say yes to something that you would normally say no to. I would love to hear how “yes” has changed your life.


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