Friday, November 5, 2010

The Virginia Coast to Charleston, South Carolina

Last year I traveled South a few hundred miles from the shore through some national parks and then down to the gulf.  This year I decided to drive along the coast as much as possible.  As you might know, Max and I drove along the coast of Delaware then stopped in Virginia.  From there, I headed West a bit and back down South to Charleston.

I received a tip to go to Folly Beach so that's what I did.  Max and I went on the beach and took a walk after I had a nice lunch at the lost dog cafe.' Of course I had to do another photo shoot of him on the beach.  The best part of our trip is when we are able to get out and enjoy the area together.  Since he's my travel companion, it's important that he gets to do most everything I get to do.  Most beaches allow dogs on them during the winter months.  We took full advantage of that.

Charleston is a great city.  Right on the water, the city mixes culture, history and southern charm.   Here are some photographs I took the past few days in the area.

The last one is taken with my camera phone as we drove across the Charleston bridge.


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