Monday, November 8, 2010

Savannah, Georgia

I have a soft spot for Georgia.  My grandparents lived in this state for as long as I can remember so I've had many fond memories of my visits with them in Marietta.  This time around, I hit the coast and spent some time in Savannah.  I love Savannah.  It's such a beautiful city with so many charming buildings, people and the food...well, what can I say?  I basically ate the entire time I was here.

I couldn't stop in the city without a visit to Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and her sons.  I didn't want to plan the day too much so I just hit the downtown area to see where it took me.  It just so happened to take me to Paula Deen.  In fact, I wasn't the only one who somehow gravitated towards the building.  I arrived around 2pm hungry for lunch and took a card from the host to be allowed in the building.  Once I stepped foot in the restaurant, I was then directed to the elevators to go upstairs to be seated.  What?  Upstairs?  Well, it might seem like a small restaurant but it's jammed packed with people for one good reason.


I couldn't make up my mind so I decided to go to the "all you care to eat" buffet.  I am not a big fan of buffets and don't eat at them often but people told me it was good so I had to try.  Well, two servings later, I have to tell you that was gooood!  I dined on fried catfish, cornbread, collard greens, grits, mac n' cheese, biscuits, creamed corn and to top it all off, banana pie.  Ok, I don't usually eat this way but I just had to.  Thank you Paula Deen!

I usually run off to the next city but decided to stay a few days in Savannah.  I attended the local Moose Lodge's bingo night and toured around the town some more.  I don't know what Paula Deen put in her food but the following day, I just HAD to have it again.  After searching for a parking space for about fourty-five minutes, I finally found a spot and scrambled to find that little slice of heaven again.  I found it but arrived one minute before lunch closed.  It wasn't in the cards for me that day.  Maybe for a good reason.  Instead I toured around some more and decided to head to the famous Bonaventure Cemetary.  As luck would have it, I arrived one minute before closing time so I had a nice view from the gate.  It didn't matter.  I loved everything in Savannah.

Thank you Savannah for your hospitality.  I will be back.


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