Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seeing Things In A Different Light

Sometimes we might take for granted all that surrounds us. We see the same thing over and over in our routine to work, to the store, going to the park, etc.

Is it the same?

I tend to go to the same places to see new and different things. I might see something I didn't the other 10 times I went to visit. Or, I might see something in a different light to give me a fresh perspective on something. Sometimes if I enjoy looking at something, I visit it several times to look at it again. Even something that stays in the same place like a tree, a lifeguard tower, or a house. Depending on the time of day, weather conditions or your can be different each time.

For the month of September, I would visit the same house on a bluff at the beach in Cape Cod each day to look at it and take a picture.

There wasn't a pattern to my visits. I would go at a different time each day...sometimes twice a day. In the sunshine, rain, wind, sunsets, or at night. I walked out to the ocean and looked back at the house until I couldn't see the right side. I would then snap the same picture of it sitting in the bottom left hand corner of the shot with a small strip of grass.

Even at home, there are things I see more than twice a week that look different each time. I took a picture of this tower while standing in a different spot on different days. It's the same tower but with a different feel each time. Not better or worse, just different.

Perhaps I look at certain things in too much detail. I never used to do this, but it's exciting when you know that even when you visit the same spot you've been to many times will never be the same.

I like that.


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