Friday, January 8, 2010

Goal Completed: Launch A Site To Sell Photographs

Throughout the year, I will be updating the status of my "39 goals in my 39th year" by posting items that I have completed and telling you a little bit about it.

Today I completed a task! I set up a photograph site to sell my pictures on Etsy.

I have a banner on this blog that will show thumbnails of all the pictures I currently have up for sale. For now, I have one picture of tower #2 listed that I took in Long Beach, California.

I will submit a new photograph each week for a 52 week project of new photographs for sale. Please become a fan on Facebook to see all of the photos in an album as we go along. The picture I decide to put up each week for purchase will have a lot to do with your influence as well. I have many photographs up of my travels on the fan site and if you see one there you would like me to put up for sale, leave me a comment! The more comments I get on a photograph, the more likely it will be a photograph of the week!

I set this goal for myself because you have to start somewhere. I enjoy taking pictures so much and I enjoy it even more when I see a smile on someones face, excited to see it brought to life. Depending on how it's received and how well I can coordinate, I could go beyond the 52 images this year. I hope to do that.

Thank you all so much for your support! Now I am off to complete the other 38 goals on my list!


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