Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year

The new year decided to bring some warm weather with her in Southern California.

The past few days have been around 75 degrees so it was perfect time to go to the beach to enjoy the sun. Throughout my travels, being around water brings me the most joy and when I am on a beach or a lake, it's the most calming feeling to have. I am fortunate to live walking distance from the water and I try to enjoy it as much as possible. There is something about it that soothes the soul.

Since it's so warm, it makes me want to get on the road again, but I know that the weather here doesn't represent the entire country so Max and I will take small trips around the area in the next few weeks to share with you. I've only been back for a few days but still long to be on the road, experiencing new places and exploring new paths. Patience is not my strong suit.

I hope the new year brings you joy and happiness. Remember to appreciate the little things that surround you. For me, it's always been nature. I love her so and can't wait to see more of her in the next few months. Here are some pictures I took in the first few days of the new year in Long Beach and Huntington Beach. To see more, click HERE


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