Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lasting Memories

The past few days in Southern California has brought on some record rain, if you haven't heard. It found its way into my driveway and into my garage. I was gone during the day for the first big storm wave and I came home to inches of water in my garage.

Since I live on the road several months out of the year, there are only a few things in my home in case I need to pack up quickly to get on the road. For the most part, I live like I am still living out of my car...but in my home. Most of my belongings are stored in my garage. Some things are in plastic bins (smart choice) however there are a lot of items in cardboard boxes (not so smart choice). All of the boxes on the ground were soaked along with the contents inside of the box.

I wasn't really concerned when I came home, but I looked in the morning and didn't realize how many cardboard storage boxes were on the ground. A lot of them had old family photos in them. I also had framed pictures resting on the ground that are now soaked along with clothes, furniture, and other miscellaneous items. Although it was a bit sad to find, I wasn't that upset about it.

Because I have lived out of my car for so long, material possessions don't mean as much to me as they did in my 20's. I was never one to spend a lot of clothes and things. I think the "treasures" that mean the most are trinkets from places visited and pictures from those trips. Some of the damage leaked into albums of my grandparents. This picture I scanned a while back is one of my favorites of them.

Losing my father and grandparents was extremely painful, but all of the memories I have in my head will never be damaged by a flood. I am thankful that I had the time with them. I am fortunate for that. I can't complain. I am fortunate to have a roof over my head, food and love ones to turn to.

For all of that, I am forever grateful.

During the time the water was creeping up in my garage, I was out snapping these pictures.


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