Tuesday, January 5, 2010

39 Goals for My 39th Year

We all took the time and recapped what we did in 2009 and thought about what worked and what didn't in our lives, right?

Well, if you strive to better yourself or just want to have some fun in the new year, you might want to consider writing a list of new activity's to accomplsh in 2010.

I came across the yes and yes blog and she did just that. She listed 31 new things she is going to do before her 31st birthday. What a great idea! I have just a stitch more activities to do since I am, ahem...a teensy bit older.

I might do more of these things, or less but it's thinking about what I want to do and the key is putting it down on paper. Some are not new but they can still be considered a goal to achieve during the course of a year. Once it's written on paper, I can't undo it. Does anyone ever use white out anymore?

Once I achieve a goal, I will blog about them and put a link on the right side of my home page to track progress. I am holding myself accountable.

39 things I will do for my 39th year in this world:
-Read 5 books from beginning to end without skipping ahead
- Win one photo contest
- Go skiing at least once this season
- Take a picture of Max in the snow
- Go to a tattoo show
- Publish a travel article
- Sleep on a strangers couch
- Skinny dip in the ocean
- Try indoor skydiving
- Get a photo published somewhere
- Paint with something other than watercolors
- Complete my house project with 5 shots together in a custom frame
- Sell or donate everything in my garage
- Take a photography editing class
- Launch a site to sell photographs
- Host a dinner party
- Take an art class
- See SIA in concert
- Wear a dress and go somewhere fancy
- Spend a weekend without a phone, without texting, watching tv, or any kind of human contact
- Watch a local play production
- Take Max out on a camping trip with "trailie"
- Visit the Salton Sea
- Go to Mexico
- Bake a cake
- Spend a week in a cabin in the woods somewhere
- Run in a 5k race
- Go to a music festival
- Rent my home and live next to the water somewhere
- Spend time on an island
- Take pictures underwater
- Win the lottery (you never know...)
- Volunteer
- View a live show taping (preferably Oprah before she leaves)
- Have my photographs displayed in a cafe'
- Write a book review
- Surf again
- Ride on a train
- Take a long road trip (I think this is becoming a habit)

What do you have planned?


Dian Reid said...


We're running a 5K @ El Dorado Park in Feb...want to join??

blackchickontour said...

Hi Alison...I just stumbled across your blog. I'm impressed with your 39 things for 39 years list. I wish you the best in achieving those goals.

Alison said...

Thank you Dian and Blackshickontour! I hope to check these things off my list and share them with you!

personal journal creator said...

I love the idea. Create a hard copy of those goals. The things we actually write down become more crystalized in our minds and we tend to get them accomplished. Shelly

Alison said...

Thank you Personal Journal Creator! It was fun to do.

Seth and Jake said... have inspired me to make a goal list too...40 in 40...though I only have 5 months to complete! :o)
Thank you!!

Susann said...

Hey...don't you need to update this list with some more "completed" items?

Alison said...

I look forward to seeing your goals Seth!

Susann...I posted link updates on the right side of the blog. :)

Sarah said...

I really like this idea, so much more than a life list. Quicker (and more likely) results when you only have a year! My birthday is in a month. I will start making a list for my next year!

sKY:: said...

How about 'outdoor skydiving'!! slaDE~s a tandem master and I shoot video when I get the chance. We're at Skydive Burnaby for the summer, if tempted :)

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