Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What an amazing town! Telluride is a small beautiful mountain town in Southwest Colorado. I feel in love with this city the moment I drove in.
The mountains!
The fresh air!
The cute homes!
I was impressed. I drove to visit my friend, Katy and her family. They gather together each year for the bluegrass festival. Little did I know what a production it is for the locals. Of course I didn't! It's a local secret. Apparently, if you want a spot at the front of the stage, you need to have "runners" spend the night in line to get a numbered ticket. That ticket is your chance to run like hell to the stage to rip open a tarp and claim your space.
This is serious business.
No joke.
It's a modern day Oklahoma run. I had no idea.
Fortunately for me, first time visitors are exempt.

It was a day of touring the city, riding the gondola up the ski mountain, strolling through a farmers market, browsing the shops and enjoying the music at the festival. Oh, did I mention Elvis Costello was playing?? My all time favorite!

Since the tarp runner did their duty, I was able to walk to the front of the stage to enjoy the performance.

Unfortunately for me, I caught a bit of altitude sickness. I drank a lot of water as instructed but for some reason, it still got to me. It sure didn't take away from the beauty. I would recommend a visit through this town. I know I will be back. Thank you Peggy Sue and Billy Bob for letting me stay in your beautiful home!


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