Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Itch

I woke up in the morning to a scratch.

I didn't think anything of it. I am used to bug bites. Not sure if that is good or bad, but just a fact. After scratching a while, I looked down at my ankles. Ack! Fleas! To my dismay, they were covered in flea bites. Maggie gave me one more present, I suppose. The house has been empty for weeks while I was traveling so it looks like the fleas had a party in the house while I was gone.

Good thing I have a vacation home ("Trailie") in my driveway. So, I left the house and bought some foggers. Skimmed through the instructions and turned them on throughout the house.

Phew, all secured. In my hastiness to get that taken care of, I forgot that my vacation home doesn't come with a bathroom. Great. There is a starbucks nearby, so that'll do it! Got there. Tried to open the door. Locked. That can't be... tried again. Locked. Ok...I wait.

Waited. And waited. At this point, I picked up every mug in their "gift shop" to look at the price to pass the time. If someone was watching I am sure they are wondering why I would think that the price is different on the same mug in a different color. Blue mug $4.95? check... Green mug $4.95? check... Red mug...duhhhh...are they out yet? Waiting. Waiting. Click. Flush. Click. Could it be? Is it time? No...more waiting. Now I am getting annoyed. What the hell is going on in there and do I really want to enter at this point?

Click. Click. Flush. Door opens... of course I am now sitting down looking down at my empty table pretending not to look. I peeked. Ok, first of was a MAN in the ladies room. I wait. I think, "should I go in?" I go in. I have no idea what this man was doing in there but it smells like he just washed and groomed a few dogs and left the scent behind. And somehow, I am relieved by that. Whew.

So, I return home and settle in trailie. I brought my water color set so I decided to start painting a little. I kept looking at my feet to see Maggie. I miss her there with me. So, the night sleeping in trailie, missing Maggie and painting was sort of therapeutic. Never mind the broken back from painting hunched over and forgetting how hard the mattress is. It didn't matter. I felt close to her and her fleas were sort of a sign to let me know it's ok to go back in the trailer. I have been avoiding it. Or maybe it was a sign to clean the house because that's all I did yesterday.

Here is a photo I took in PTown and the painting I did in trailie:


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