Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Inner Artist

I am not an artist.

Let me clarify. I am not an experienced or particularly good one, especially compared to Ronnie, Kellie and my Mom (click on their name for more). I try and manage a scribble here or there.

My mother is an artist and when I grew up accompanying her to shows and exhibits of her art, the question of the minute, hour, day was, "are you going to be an artist like your mom?" Maybe it was those moments where I knew I wanted to be an athlete because my initial reaction was to knock them down each time that question would come up. But alas, I politely (most of the time) said, "no."

I am now in Proviencetown. The land of the artist. So, why not pretend to be one? This is what I did yesterday. I took out the watercolors that Ronnie bought me for this occasion and started painting a photograph I took a day prior. I tried to quiet my mind during this process but I have to tell's not easy! I had to laugh at my inner critic bothering me the entire time. After a while, I didn't care.

I am still laughing at it. I have some great friends that are telling me it's good. God bless them.

Perhaps I will attempt another. Here is my work of art and the photo that inspired the scene:


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