Friday, June 19, 2009

Driving Therapy

There is something about driving that makes you think. Perhaps because your attention is focused on one thing...watching the road. When I go on a road trip, sometimes I feel the gas price is the cost of self therapy. What other time to you have to sit there focused on nothing but looking at one thing? Besides watching TV. You know what I mean.

As a bonus, there is no pesky homework.

I love it. I am taking a road trip this weekend to Telluride, Colorado to see the bluegrass festival with my friend Katy. It's a lively house with the kids and other members of her family with their kids. This town is so beautiful. I am still adjusting to the altitude and the fact that I didn't bring any other shoes but flip flops to wear. I will manage.

Along the way, I stopped at the Four Corners. It's where New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah come together. For $3 you can wait in line with several other tourists to take a picture of a landmark in the ground. Very exciting stuff.

Off to the festival today...


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