Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've been away for a while.

Leaving your home can be a welcome experience or it can be one of pain and uncertainty. I choose the welcome one.

I have been out of the house for almost 2 weeks meeting new people. In fact, I stayed with complete strangers for almost a week in Jamaica Plain (suburb of Boston). I am not meeting up with familiar faces, so the comfort of the known isn't present.
Everyone I have met in the past 13 days is new to my life. How lucky am I? What better way to learn new things about the world and yourself.

Here are some of the highlights in Boston. I am going to try and convince the inner artist in me to come out and do a little watercolor painting today in Proviencetown. I will post the picture once completed. Or not. We'll see.

Birds in Chinatown

In Copley Square
Boston's Finest
The T Train
Inside the Train
My hosts, Janice and Laelia
The other hosts Soggy and Hazel
Ronnie and Bumper At Her Studio
Fenway Park
Artist Outside Of Park
With Ronnie at Sox GameForest Hills
Jamaica Pond


Anonymous said...

You are LIVIN!!! Love this blog.

Kevin said...

You're playing in my old neck of the woods now. Good to hear from you again and happy to see you out and about. I was born in Lynn, grew up on the North Shore and spent summers at Paine's Family campground in Wellfleet. I remember stepping on a cigarette butt in Ptown as a kid and ruining my day. Fried clams with bellies, green and black flies at the beach and working at Brewster Ice Co. after UMass are "fond" memories. Thanks for the time you put in and introducing me to other Americans who maintain a positive outlook in such a time of madness and greed.

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