Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Want To Send YOU A Photo Postcard From The Road

It's about that time... time to pack up everything I need to live in a 6x10 foot space full time.  Yes, I am going to live in my van with my dog, Max in a few weeks. This is our fourth year on the road and I am looking forward to this year more than ever.  

I don't have a set agenda, rather I am going to stay open to the possibility of changing direction depending on who I meet or what a local might say about what "not to miss."  I am going to blog and share portraits of people I meet on the road here on this blog.  I plan to write more, take more photos and talk to more people along the way.  

Eventually, I would like to put together a book or show with the images I take of Americana throughout the states.  But with most projects (including cost of gas to get to places to take photographs), it costs money.  I thought about starting a Kickstarter project to help the project of documenting Americans I meet by chance, but time slipped away and my house is being rented so I need to get going.    

I have always enjoyed getting postcards from people when they are on vacation and hearing about their adventure.  I would love to send YOU (or your grandparents, parents, or another loved one by request) a postcard from the road with a photograph that I took and a message from me.  Not only just one, but up to FIVE from my journey.  For a donation for as little as $5, I will send you a postcard with an original image taken by me.  Even better, you can punch out the 3x3 image and stick it on your fridge, frame it, or pin it to a map of the USA.  Also, you will get a link to download the original image.  All of this for only FIVE dollars!  For those of you who want more than one image, I will send you THREE postcards from the road for $10 and FIVE for a donation of $15 or more.   

The postcard of Max is just an example of what it will look like.  Each image on the postcard will be original and a surprise on what you get in the mail.  It might be a 3x3 pop out or a full image on the postcard.  I'll give you a hint that it will be of a person, animal, place or a thing.  I will start sending the first batch of postcards out in mid July.  Depending on the amount you donate, it will determine how many cards you receive.  I look forward to sending you a photo card from the road!

Please click below to donate.  Remember, $5 for ONE Photo Postcard, $10 for THREE, and $15 or more for FIVE Photo Postcards delivered to you!!! (More details on top right of blog.  Cards will be sent to address listed on Pay Pal).

$5 = ONE Postcard
$10 = THREE Postcards
$15 or more = FIVE Postcards

Pass the word on for people who might like to receive a photo postcard in the mail...

I look forward to it! As always, a sincere Thank You so much for your support!  Click the "Donate" button below...

Postcards Graciously Donated by Postagram


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