Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking Max, "Trailie" and "Rusty" Out For A Spin On The Province Lands Trail

I bought Max a trailer for my cruiser long ago in anticipation of using it on this trip.  I had one nice day in PTown so I thought it would be the perfect time to take it out for a spin.  I wasn't sure how Max would like it but he did great!  He just sat in the trailer and let the breeze hit is face through the screen window.

 I rode on the bike path in Provincetown near the beaches.  I took the trail starting at Herring Cove and rode to the visitors center and then to Race point.

Having just one gear on the cruiser proved to be a bit tricky at times going up the hills.  I would stand up as much as I could and pedal but some of the time I would have to jump off and walk the bike up the hill.  I didn't care, it was a beautiful day!

We had a great time on the bike ride.  Once we arrived at Race Point, Max and I took a stroll on the beach and we relaxed for a while before heading back.  Cape Cod has some of the most beautiful bicycle trails.  If you take a trip to the area, be sure to bring your bike and head out on the Province Lands Trail.

I think Max is happy with his new trailer.  Much more comfortable than the bike basket he was in last year - Shown Below.


Rocket Man said...

I can't let Sam, my Lab, see this or he'll be wanting a trailer, as well. I'm thoroughly enjoying your adventures. Thanks for taking me along with you.

Summer said...

What a great idea! Yea I am with Rocket Man...can't show my girls this either or they will be wanting a spin in one of them. Great photos and video!!

Janet said...

What an excellent adventure - and don't you just love taking photos with the iPhone. Love, love, love it.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Max,what a lucky boy.Looking forward to more pics of the flavor of P-town.Lobster pot has the best morning coffee.Have you made it to the Art walk yet.I love the Gallery district.

Alison said...

Yes, you can't share the trailer with your dogs...they will want to ride in one for sure! Thank you so much for the comments. I am glad I had an opportunity to take the bike and trailer out for a ride since the weather in PTown has been rainy and cold. It was wonderful to have a nice day. :)

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