Thursday, October 28, 2010

BINGO At The Knights Of Columbus

I think the extent of Bingo Hall advertising is word of mouth or a sign near the street saying "BINGO" with the date and time.  If I am lucky, I will drive by an area with a sign and it will happen to be the same day so I could go that night.  However, it doesn't always happen that way.

I looked online for some Bingo halls and sometimes, you never know what you will get.  As it turned out, I learned my lesson by going to what seemed to be a bingo night turned out to be a men's only member club where they haven't had a bingo game in years.  I know this since I certainly stood out when I arrived.  Since there wasn't a game, I politely asked if I could enter and take a few pictures and I was politely declined. 

I didn't give up the search for a legitimate bingo night in the area.  I found the Knights of Columbus hall in Norwood and it was a welcome sight.  Everyone there was nice to me and allowed me to take their photograph.  Only a few people declined and I respected that.  This woman on the left had just one number remaining before Bingo.  I think we all know the feeling.

Since there was more than one room of bingo play, each ball was carefully placed in front of a video camera so it could be displayed on televisions throughout each hall.  As far as a noise level, it was as if you stepped into a library.  There is no messing around here, this is serious business. People are there to play and everyone had their game face on.  I also enjoy seeing all of the personal lucky charms, tokens, photographs, candy and the like scattered about their personal playing space.

I look forward to more.  You can see more photographs of my personal project, "BINGO Culture" on my photography website at


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