Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inside Out Rings

What's in a ring?

If you are wearing one of Holly Riddel's creations, you would have a semi-precious stone touching your skin. It's not your everyday ring. In fact, the concept of the ring is for making a commitment to yourself. Why not be the change in your own life?

I heard about these rings over a year ago and besides being beautiful, they fascinated me. What a perfect way to make a commitment to yourself and have it on your finger as a daily reminder of that commitment. I was sold. I put my order in and waited patiently for the ring to arrive. Once it came, I couldn't wait to put it on and not take it off. That is exactly what I did.

With this ring on my finger, I headed out on the open road with my dog, Maggie and our 4x9 teardrop trailer. A commitment to be true to myself and embark on a journey of a lifetime. Everyday I would look at my ring and feel it with my thumb by habit.

I was in Michigan at a truck stop when I went in to quickly use the restroom after filling up at the gas station. Moments later when my thumb brushed up against my finger to feel the ring, it was gone. A rush of panic filled through my body instantly. I felt sick. I went back to the truck stop and went through the trash can picking out every paper towel and other "trash" items. No ring. It slipped off of my finger as I was washing my hands and I will never get it back. I was crushed.

It's amazing how a ring could bring up so much emotion. I now have a replacement for the one that was lost. I received it today for this new journey and commitment I have made to myself.

Thank you Holly for being an inspiration and making a difference in peoples lives. For more information on Holly and her inside out rings, click here.


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