Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vet Visit

We are on day 4 of being home from our trip so Maggie and I can adjust to a "normal" life for a while. I have not left the house since I caught the cold bug, but I did yesterday when I took Maggie to the vet. She has been shaking her head and scratching her ear all day so I thought perhaps she had mites even though her ears are both clean. The Dr. came in and immediately diagnosed her with hematoma. As she explained to me what it meant (I’ve never had a dog with this), she said it was “filled with fluid” and decided to show me by getting a needle and puncturing her ear. I held Maggie thinking it wouldn’t hurt, but not once but twice the Dr. slammed a needle in her ear and immediately, Maggie yelped out a deafening scream. Blood came out but no fluid as the Dr. said. I was in shock and held Maggie close to comfort her. The Dr. wanted to put her under immediately and perform surgery. She left and an office assistant came in with a quote of $320 to take a small clot out of her ear. WHAT??? OPERATION NOW??? HOW MUCH???

I took her in thinking that she would only need eardrops. I declined the immediate operation and took the quote home. As I am driving home, I break down crying. I know, I am a softie…as if I were the one being poked with the needle. I felt horrible for putting Maggie in a situation where she would be hurt. I know the Dr. was trying to help but geez, could you be a little more insensitive lady? Maggie has not had any sort of problem with her health so I am lucky.

I adopted her at the Santa Monica Animal shelter on January 14th, 1998 at one year old. I adopted her about a year after I put my 13 year old Shepherd mix, Sushi down from complications of GDV surgery. Perhaps the visit reminded me of the time I had to let Sushi go. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

I am pretty much a mess when it comes to the health of my pets. Whew...

I guess kids are out of the


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