Sunday, October 19, 2008

2 Weeks

2 weeks is what a typical company gives you for vacation time for the year. It’s just not enough time to connect with yourself, your family and friends.

In my quest to climb the corporate ladder, I remember how precious those 2 weeks were. After my father died, I spent 3 days in Colorado with my grandparents (his parents), brother, step-mother and his close friends. A year later, his mother (my grandmother) died from complications from surgery. I believe it was from a broken heart.

The months following my father's death, I spent my 2 weeks going to Colorado and Atlanta. I tried to see Mama Lois (Grandmother) and Big John (Grandfather) as much as I could after my father’s death.

As soon as I graduated from college, I worked hard to climb that ladder as fast as I could. So, I put work as a priority in my life. After my 3 day bereavement leave from my father’s death, I was back at work. Throwing myself into my job.

I went to Georgia to visit Mama Lois and Big John as much as I could, but the visits always seemed too short. They were.

After Mama Lois died, I tried to be there for Big John. My brother and I took turns visiting him. It was extremely painful for him to lose his only child, then his wife of over 60 years within a year and a half.

Back to work I went. I called Big John every other day, then every week. I promised to make plans to see him again soon. He would always email me asking when I was going to visit. A few months passed and I finally got it together to make plans to see him again.

The day I made plans, I called him right when I got to my office. He didn’t answer so I left a message telling him how excited I was to see him in the next week.

He never got the message.

Earlier that morning, he collapsed from a massive stroke that he would never recover from. I saw him sooner than I thought. But it was for the last time.

I would encourage you to make those plans. Visit your grandparents, or parents. That job will always be there.


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