Sunday, October 12, 2008

Too Much Stuff

I am missing the road. I miss waking up in an unknown state and deciding where to go next. I miss being outside in open spaces. The past few weeks, I have been living a “normal” American life of being able to shower, cook, sleep, watch TV, and go to the bathroom without going outside. I’ve been back to my favorite eating places, favorite nightclubs, and favorite watering hole. Yup, things are the same here. I think they will be the same no matter how long I leave. It’s strange leaving your home and coming back as a changed person when everything else here is the same. Adjusting to it has been a challenge.

I enjoy being alone. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get lonely, because I do. I am more productive when I am by myself. I worked from home and achieved more then when I went to the office. Maybe it’s because my mind is clear when there isn’t anyone around.

I haven’t watched TV for over 100 days so I have been out of the loop to the lovely reality shows that are on our favorite cable networks. What makes me sad is how many people in this country strive to have the most THINGS in life. There are actual shows dedicated to how much crap they own; displaying all of the material things in their possession. Do they think that it represents a happier life?

I admit that I receive at least 20 catalogs in the mail a week. It’s how I use to shop because I HATE going to the mall. With a passion. Hate it. Hate. Hate. Ok, you get it.

Since living in a 4x9 trailer, I realized that I can live without much stuff. In fact, I could get rid of all of my clothes and things in the garage once I got home, because I didn’t miss them. I am in the process of purging. I am sick of “stuff.” I would encourage you to get rid of things and donate them. We are facing some tough times, so the things we don’t use, could be used by someone else who really needs them. I didn’t need much on the road…

The top 10 things I used every day while being on the road:
1.) GPS
2.) Phone
3.) Computer
4.) ipod
5.) Chapstick
6.) Comfortable clothes
7.) Sleeping bag for cold nights
8.) Shower backpack (kept all essentials in one place)
9.) Towel
10.) Folding Chair

What I brought on the trip that I didn’t need/use
1.) makeup
2.) coffee maker that plugged in
3.) magazines
4.) outdoor shower
5.) dress & heels
6.) too many containers
7.) more than one pan to cook
8.) egg slicer
9.) CD’s
10.) Folding table

I would challenge you to donate what you don’t use. You really don’t need it. I am sure there is someone out there that can use it. :)


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