Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Sur Photoshoot And Towing On The Edge

What do I do to get ready for a big photoshoot from a major Women's magazine?  Get my hair and makeup done just right to look as glamorous as possible? Well, in my case last week, I  camp and not shower for three days.  Wooo Hooo, I am ready for my close up now!  Yes, that happened and now it's time to wait for the article to come out and just hope for the best.  I didn't mean for that to happen, it was a slight miscalculation in the distance of an available shower. I suppose it's not bad, especially since the article is about women living on the road.  No makeup and maybe a brush through my hair once did the trick. We shall see.

Anyway, I was honored to be asked to participate in the article! The best part is that it was my first outing with Campy so that was exciting. I traveled up to Big Sur and camped at an amazing campground called Kirk Creek.  If you haven't been and you like to camp on a bluff overlooking the ocean, this is the place for you.  Each morning I woke up to an amazing view and mild weather.  It was bliss.  My campsite was right next to the tent spots and I have to say that I felt a little sad for them.  For two years, that was how I camped and let me tell you... I love my van and can't wait to live in it full time soon.

My friend Kristiana and her dog OSA joined me on the adventure and she brought one of her vintage Airstreams. We camped a few days until Nick and Catherine from the magazine came to interview and photograph us.  Since the Airstream is such a beauty, we took her out on the cliff to escape the fog and to take some photographs of us relaxing next to it while completely stopped in the middle of a narrow road on a turn at the edge of a steep cliff, with no guardrail.  You know, just like we would do in real life.  "Hey, here's a dangerous spot to tow and stop...let's get out and look cute watching the ocean next to the trailer!" is what all of us camper gals say during these "relaxing" moments of cliff towing.  I have to hand it to Kristiana, she towed like a pro and why wouldn't she?

Needless to say, the light agreed with us and was just perfect for the shot.  With all of the excitement going on, I ran out with just my cell phone but still managed to capture the moment.  

While we were waiting for the photographer to scout a site, I shot some fun jumping pics reflected off of the trailer.  It's silly and I have to admit I love jumpie pics so it was fun that she went along with it. 

The next morning, Kristiana and
OSA headed home while I stayed one more night of ocean front camping with no internet or cell service.  It was bliss... I recommend it.


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