Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Brothers" Selected For Photographer's Forum "Best of 2011" Hardcover Book

I am thrilled that my photograph, "Brothers" was selected by the folks at Photographer's Forum to be included in their hardcover "Best of 2011" book (out in December).  I took this photograph while I was visiting the Vintage Trailer show during Palm Spring's Modernism week back in February.  I wrote about my experience during the week HERE.

When I am at an event, I usually stand around and observe all of the people around me as there were many characters at this particular show. These two boys stuck out in my mind right away and I immediately approached their parents and asked if I could take their photograph. The parents were visiting the show and said, "sure!" (For the curious photographer, the parents also signed a release) The boys were very animated by running around and making faces.  I was trying to tell them to hold still and they weren't listening until their father yelled something at them in French.  At that moment, my "stop smiling and hold hands" was understood and for one brief moment, they did what their father told them to do in French and I snapped this photograph. Once second later, it was back to playing and making faces.

I usually take portraits of people doing what they are doing at the time of doing it.  I would like to say that I came across these boys holding hands with this look on their face but with just a little direction (and a father yelling in French), they ended up looking how I envisioned them.  I am not in any way diminishing how cute they both are making faces and running around (I know all of you parents out there enjoy looking at how precious and unique your children are), it was a brief moment that I am thankful of capturing.  Children with serious faces are more interesting to me.


Anonymous said...

What camera do you use Alison?

Roy in Seattle

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you posted these additional photos of the brothers, because while I'm very happy for you that your photo was chosen to be included in the "Best of 2011", as a parent I find the chosen photo to be very disconcerting. It strikes me as eerie and on the verge of tragic. Knowing that the father had to yell at the boys and stop their play in order for them to stand still long enough for this shot seems to tell part of the story behind that frown, but the lines in his face seem too deeply etched to be transitory.

Seeing the same boy laughing and playing helped.

Serious childrens' faces may be more interesting, but the stories behind them often tend to be heartbreaking.

Alison said...

@Roy, for these shots I used a Canon 5d mark ii

@Anonymous, Please don't worry, these boys were very happy and well taken care of. They were just being boys. When I said I think serious is more interesting, I meant that I enjoy seeing photographs of children when they aren't 'posing' for the camera.

Thank you for the comments!

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