Friday, September 9, 2011

Airstream Life Magazine Fall 2011

I had so much fun last June in Jackson Center, Ohio for the second annual "Alumapalooza" event!  Held on the grounds of the Airstream Factory, hundreds of dedicated Airstream owners gather to meet, learn, and mostly have a good time together with their common love of Airstreams.

I wrote a little about my experience HERE and put together a slide show of some of the photographs I took while I was there.  You can see that slideshow by clicking HERE.

I am thrilled that eight portraits I took (including the cover) are featured in the Fall, 2011 edition of Airstream Life Magazine.  Sign ups are already happening on their official Alumapalooza website, so I would get your reservation in early for 2012.  I hope to see you there next year!


kristiana said...


I wish there was a self portrait of fabulous & wonderful YOU on those pages. You make Alumapalooza sparkle with your presence & talent.

Alumapalooza 2012 here we come!


Alison said...

I had such a good time with YOU there! I look forward to 2012! Let's cross our fingers for good weather and not a crazy storm. Not that I am afraid of that or :)

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