Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Outdoor Bingo

You never know what you get when you decide to go to a bingo game.  I had different expectations since all others games have been indoors and I was hoping to get a drag queen caller.  The drag queen called in sick so that will have to wait.

I've really had a unique time at each bingo game I've been to across the country.  I have not sat down to play as of yet which is fine by me.  I prefer to observe and take photographs of the players.  That is what is interesting to me.  Besides, I am such a beginner without any of the necessary "tools" you need to play the game.  I will also need to find some stuffed animals or good luck charms to display.

If you are looking for some excitement in your area, I would encourage you to go to a bingo game.  You can look up the participating places by clicking HERE.

To see more photographs in my Bingo Culture Collection, click HERE.


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