Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Art Shows And Being Home (For Now)

The past few weeks I've been running around and participating in art shows around the Long Beach area.  It's been great meeting and chatting with people that come across my little art space.

Before returning home, I became used to being on the road for months at a time while moving from one place to another on a daily basis.  People often ask me what it's like to be home.  It's nice to be in one spot and knowing where I will sleep and remembering where I am when I wake up.  Sometimes on the road, each day was almost a surprise since I didn't stay long in one spot.  I got used to driving around and seeing new things, but being in one space has benefits as well.

I still am not sure how long I will stay.

I love the quote from Elliott Erwitt: "Nothing happens when you stay at home."  It's true for the most part but since I've been out and about in shows, I've talked to more people in the past week then I have in about a year.

It takes a certain personality to show their art to the world and stand next to it.  I have a new respect for artists that travel with their work for a living.  It can be exhausting but in the end, it's rewarding and pushes your comfort zone, which is always a good thing.  I grew up going to art shows and fairs with my mother as a child and at the time I didn't appreciate how much went into it.  Most likely because I was looking for something to do to keep me entertained as any child would. A lot of the time I would just hide under the table and scare people with a spider puppet by their feet.  I suppose I thought it was funny but I am sure my mother didn't think so at the time. Dang kids...

I had a wonderful time at "ALLOW" at the Avia hotel this past weekend and the First Friday art walk in Long Beach the previous weekend.  Currently, I also have pieces displayed at the coffee shop, Sipology. Since I've been putting together finished pieces with photographs already taken on my trip, I haven't had the time to go out and shoot as much as I'd like.  That will change.  I look forward to shooting more in the upcoming months and sharing those images with you.  In the meantime, if you need a last minute gift, I will pack it up and send directly to the person you buy it for with their name on it for Christmas on my etsy site. I also post upcoming events and new photographs on my facebook fan page HERE. :)

As far as Max goes, I think he's happy to be home.


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