Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

I love being spontaneous.

I try and do something new and unplanned all of the time. It could be why I don’t like to make reservations too far in advance. It might mess things up if I wanted to skip town on a moment’s notice. You never know what is going to come up in life. For a week, I decided to get out of town and not tell anyone. Well, sort of. I flew so somebody needed to watch Maggie. So, I told 2 people. Other than that, nobody knew where I was.

Those “sneaky feelings” are exciting. Remember life before you had a cell phone? No really…remember? You had to make an extra effort to reach out to talk to someone. Now, you can reach in your pocket to contact anyone in the world. There is something to be said for getting lost.

I left town not knowing how long I would be gone. For the week I spent away, I explored a new city and grew to love it. I went to a play, walked around different neighborhoods, ate at some amazing restaurants and some not so good ones, bought some clothes, walked in the park, got my hair “did,” drank way too much coffee and unfortunately, laid on my death bed for 24 hours. I must have eaten something that did not agree with me. For those of you who are “lucky” enough to know what I am talking about, food poisoning feels like you are going to die. That’s how I felt anyway. For how horrible it was, I am fortunate it only lasted a day.

There is something to be said for exploring a town where nobody knows your name. I don’t have to worry about anything. I can look lost, I can be myself, I can break out of my routine. I did all of that. For a moment, I didn’t worry or miss anything.

Now that I am home, I am going to be a tourist in my own city. I know it sounds so cliché’ but I am seeing things differently. I am off to jump on my bike and ride along the beach before seeing some fast cars and interesting people.

Also, I will blog about some exciting activities coming up this week…

It feels good to be back.


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