Saturday, December 13, 2008

365 Days on the Road

As I started my trip across the USA in May, I had a few people that I was going to visit for the first time along the way and people I wanted to reconnect with. Out of the blue, I received an email from a guy that has been living in his van for months. He was in Denver and I was in Estes Park at the time. He was headed my way so I agreed to meet with him...reluctantly. I looked at his website, and this is the picture he posted of himself (see exhibit A on right..coon hat). Needless to say, I was a little hesitant. We met, hit it off, and remain friends.

After a year of experiences traveling not only the USA, but around the world...he is settling down in San Francisco with a new girlfriend. I wanted to write about David because he was an inspiration to me and really helped me through some rough times along the way. As much fun as it sounds to be by yourself and travel, it can get difficult at times. There is a lot of soul searching that takes place. A lot of questions arise like "why am I doing this?", "what am I doing?", etc. It was nice to have someone to talk to that survived the first 3 months which are the hardest. After our initial meeting, we crossed paths a second time and spent time in Philadelphia (his home town) touring the area, texting, and getting pedicure's.
Don't get me wrong, he is a mean hiker and mountain know, all of those manly man type of things.

BTW...he picked silver polish, if you MUST know. He is currently writing a book about his life which I am sure will be a best seller. He was also featured in Men's Journal this month.

I would recommend taking a chance. Saying yes. Because I said yes, I met a mountain man that turned into a beauty shop partner. Just kidding Dave, I know that you are a very strong and masculine keep telling me that, anyway.

If you haven't followed his journey, I would recommend you do so. Perhaps he can give you some tips.

He will also be profiled on American Life Today in 2009, so sign up as a "follower" to learn more.


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