Friday, August 10, 2012

Traveling Solo And Being Alone

One of the questions I get asked the most is, "do you get lonely?". The short answer is yes. Although I am alone most of the time, I don't get lonely that often but yes, sometimes I do. I have a routine each day with Max and I try to keep busy when I have spare time. Taking photographs is something I do everyday and that's fulfilling and challenging to me to create new images each day. I usually travel to a new place on a daily basis so the excitement of what's to come keeps my mind busy.

When I am alone in my surroundings and a bit bored, sometimes I take self portraits to pass the time. All of the photos below are taken with my iPhone on a timer(except i am holding the iphone out of the water in the head shot). I never really know when it will take the photograph so it's always a surprise to see what I captured. Posting photographs on this blog, Facebook and instagram makes me feel a little connected to the outside world and being connected helps when I have no idea what is going on since I don't watch tv or read a paper. However, that can be a good thing sometimes.

So, thank you for reading the blog and keeping in touch! Max and I always love hearing from you while we are on the road and wherever we are calling "home" on that day. For us, home is where we park it.


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