Thursday, February 16, 2012

Studio Shoot With Beautiful Models

The subjects of all of my photos are not models, but everyday Americans living their life.  I am drawn to individuals that don't blend in with crowds.  If I've taken your photograph and I have never met you, it's because there is something about you that I want to remember and capture in a photograph.  I was asked recently about how I know when I find someone that meets my personal aesthetic and it really has to do with their presence and the energy I get from them.  Once I see and feel it, I know.

I was interviewed by gallery owner, Kat Kiernan for the Kiernan Gallery blog  since "Brothers" was chosen as "Juror's Choice" by judge, Henry Horenstein.  I talked a little bit about why I choose the people I do to photograph as I wander around the country.

Last week, I photographed two models in a studio for the first time.  Most every portrait I take is an environmental portrait where people seem belong exactly where I found them, or you get a sense of place in the shot.  Being in a studio is a make believe atmosphere where the models will give you any emotion and mock up any situation you suggest to them.  On top of that, they are pretty.  Really pretty... Not that I have anything against beautiful models, but to me, it's not as interesting as someone I would find on the street.  It's almost like I am cheating because the image will already be easy on the eyes from the get go, although that's not what I am drawn to when I see a photograph I like.  I did enjoy the experience and both models were great sports doing what everyone asked of them.  My male model, Michael was right at home with his dog, Shilo.  They are so attached to each other that their expressions seems to look the same in each shot.

I can see why photographers like working in a studio.  The atmosphere is controlled and you can almost bring to life what you envisioned in your head.  I had a great time playing around so now I can check off working with models and working in a studio off of my list of things to do.  Thank you Michael and Charito for being great sports and excellent models!


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