Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Brothers" Receives Juror's Award By Henry Horenstein For Family Dynamics Exhibit

I was so thrilled to learn that "Brothers" was selected by photographer and juror, Henry Horenstein  for the Family Dynamic Exhibition at The Kiernan Gallery in Lexington, Virginia especially since I admire his work so much.

In his Juror Statement, Henry writes, "For most people, a good likeness of their subject is good enough, and there's nothing wrong with that. We want to see what Uncle John and Grandma Bea look like and we want them to look their best, if possible. But I think it gets a little more complicated for the "serious" photographer, whether professional or enthusiast. We want a good likeness usually, but we also want the photo to say more about the person (or persons) than simply what they look like. This is the reason I chose Alison Turner's image of siblings for the Juror's Choice Award. To me, it shows its subjects in good light - carefully framed and with excellent lighting and technique. But it also suggests the complicated relationship - close but wary - built into so many family relationships. "

The show will run at the gallery from February 6th through March 4th. To read the entire statement, click HERE.


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