Monday, May 11, 2009

Life and Coffee

I love coffee.

I drink it everyday.

I was never one to go out for coffee until recently. Dave and I would chat about drinking coffee and how we thought that we could change the world after 3+ cups. Or, more along the lines of how brilliant and creative we are after 3 cups. I am sold. Why not?

So, after 3 hours sitting here in the same spot, my mind started wandering to the people that came into the store rather than what I came in here for...

Actually, I wanted to get out of my head and I did just that. I crawled into the heads of everyone else.

People hang out here all day. I had no idea. This is all new to me. It makes me feel smart to hang out at a bookstore, so why not? Feeling smart with a caffeine buzz is not a bad thing, well...until later. We won't talk about that now.

It's like an airport. People coming and going, wandering, sitting, reading, staring, thinking, drinking, eating.


Found out a refill is only 50 cents. It's why I am here for 3 hours. And to stay out of the house. Yes, I still have Maggie's beds all over, food and bowl still out. Being away gets my mind off of it for a little while at least.

Students, retirees, mothers, kids, me. We're all here.

This blog isn't much of anything but to say I am "being."

I am here.

I am aware.


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